Princeton University 
Workshop on Frontiers of Statistics
May 18 -- May 20, 2006



Scientific Committee:

Jianqing Fan (Chair)

   Princeton University

Luisa Fernholz   

  Princeton University

Hira Koul

   Michigan State university

Hans Mueller     

   University of California

      at Davis

Vijay Nair       

   University of Michigan

Ya'acov Ritov

   Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jeff Wu

   Georgia Institute of Technology


Organising Committee:

Jianqing Fan (Chair)

   Princeton University

Luisa T Fernholz

   Temple University

Heng Peng

   Princeton University

Chongqi Zhang

   Guangzhou Uinveristy

Yazhen Wang

   University of Connecticut



Committee on Travel Support:

Luisa T Fernholz (Chair)

   Princeton University

Jianqing Fan

   Princeton University

Liza Levina

   University of Michigan
Yijun Zuo

   Michigan State University
Yazhen Wang

   University of Connecticut


Sponsored by:

 In honor of Peter
Bickel's 65th birthday
The work intends to bring top and junior researchers together to define
and expand the frontiers of statistics.  It provides a focal venue for top
and junior researchers to gather, interact and present their new research
findings, to discuss and outline emerging problems in their fields, and to
lay the groundwork for fruitful future collaborations. A distinguished
feature is that all topics are in core statistics with interactions with
other disciplines such as biology, medicine, engineering, computer
science, economics and finance.

Topics  include: 
      Nonparametric inference and machine learning
     Longitudinal and functional data analysis
      Nonlinear time series, Financial econometrics 
     Computational biology, geomics and survival analysis
     MCMC, Bootstrap, robust statistics
      Experimental design and industrial engineering
The workshop also serves advanced graduate students and young researchers 
looking for new topics to work on and experienced researchers who hope to 
gain an overview of contemporary developments in statistics.
The workshop is held on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Professor 
Peter J. Bickel, one of the most celebrated statisticians of our time.  A 
book on the ``Frontiers of Statistics'' is expected to be published based 
on the topics presented on the workshop.  The book will map the frontiers 
of the various disciplines in statistics and provide useful references on 
the latest developments in each subject.  It will also be helpful to both 
new and experienced researchers willing to gain a bird's-eye view of the 
various frontiers of statistics, and published in celebration of Professor 
Peter J. Bickel's 65th birthday.

Special Thanks to


Mary Beth Falke

Connie Brown

Zoya Kramer

Michaeol Bino

Lisa Glass

Noelina Hall

Kimberly Lupinacci








































Invited speakers:    

Yacine Ait-Sahalia: Princeton University
Donald Andrews: Yale University
Peter Buehlmann: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Kjell Doksum: University of Wisconsin at Madison
David Donoho: Stanford University
Ursula Gather: University of Dortmund
Jayanta K. Ghosh: Purdue University
Friedrich Goetze: University of Bielefeld
Peter G. Hall: The Australian National University
Haiyan Huang: University of California at Berkeley
Jiming Jiang: University of California, Davis
Hira Koul: Michigan State University
Soumendra N. Lahiri: Iowa State University
Elizaveta Levina: University of Michigan
Jun Liu: Harvard University
Regina Liu: Rutgers University
Xiaoli Meng: Harvard University
Stephan Morgenthaler: EPFL Learning Center
Hans Muller: University of California, Davis
Vijay Nair: The University of Michigan
Byeong Park: Seoul National University
Nancy Reid: University of Toronto
John Rice: University of California, Berkeley
Yaacov Ritov: Israel Social Sciences Data Center
Anton Schick: Binghamton University
Chris Sims: Princeton University
David Tyler: Rutgers University
Sara van der Geer: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Mark van der Laan: University of California, Berkeley
Willem van Zwet: University of Leiden
Jane-Ling Wang: University of California, Davis
Yazhen Wang: University of Connecticut
Jon Wellner: University of Washington
Jeff C. Wu: Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhiliang Ying: Columbia University
Chunming Zhang: University of Wisconsin at Madison
Yijun Zuo: Michigan State University